Ethernet Direct Shares an Industrial Networking Application in Airport Kiosk Systems

California, U.S.A., March 2015 – Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solution is pleased to share a successful application of industrial managed switches in airport kiosk systems.

Modern airports are equipped with a kiosk to cater travelers with an interactive out-of-home entertainment platform and point-of-sale capabilities. The kiosk is loaded with advanced features and the requirement for a powerful device is needed to handle the real-time data handling. Inside each kiosk, HME-800 industrial 8-port managed Ethernet switch for maximum reliability and connected switches via airport network systems.

The Husky Series HME-800(E) is a highly reliable Industrial 8-port Managed Ethernet Switch. It has eight 10/100Base-T(X) RJ-45 ports that support IEEE 802.3/802.3u/802.3x with 10/100M, full/half duplex, and MDI/MDI-X auto-sensing. HME-800(E) provides redundant self-recovery mechanism in less than 300ms on full load which allows you to establish a redundant Ethernet network to build a back-up ring topology. HME-800 can be remotely configured by Web browser, managed by SNMP. HME-800(E) also support advanced management features, including X-Ring, Dual Homing, Couple Ring, QoS, VLAN, IGMP with query mode, Port Mirror, and IP security. Dual Homing and Couple Ring are supported to add reliability by securing the network with redundancy designs.

For the state-of-the art system to better prioritize requested tasks, data and bandwidth control is important. HME-800’s QoS (Quality of Service) feature provides a prioritization mechanism to handle different kiosk service applications and guarantees a certain level of performance to a data flow. QoS feature is especially important for real-time streaming multimedia in kiosks.

Industrial network in kiosk application focuses on bandwidth, security and operational reliability. These are the key points considered in choosing Ethernet Direct switches to sustain the heavy load of automated kiosk systems. Ethernet Direct HME-800’s ring redundancy design guarantees large amount of data being handled without any downtime. The HME-800 units are situated around the airport lobby and connected to the central backbone center. Ring redundancy is formed to ensure no data loss in case there is an event of disruption from any kiosk. The kiosks are supported 24/7 by technical staff and this support is equally provided by Ethernet Direct where help is easily and readily available for instantaneous applications.

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