Book 1 : Compiled 65 Applications in Industrial Automation
Various real-world applications in Intelligent Transportation, Factory Automation, Building Automaton, Power & Utilities, Process Control, Security & Surveillance and Mining. Learn why the tunnel monitoring in several European countries deployed Ethernet Direct industrial switches as well as the Wind farm & solar energy farm installations in North America.
Book 2 : Compiled 59 Applications in Industrial Automation
Power, Substation and Smart Grid are mission critical applications. A reliable network is required to ensure network integrity and Ethernet Direct is a primary choice. Learn why we are the standardized industrial switch in many mart buildings like the new World Trade Centers in Manhattan New York and why the top BAM players choose Ethernet Direct in their projects.
Top Applications in Intelligent Transportation Systems
Intelligent transportation systems is deployed by Ethernet Direct in many countries. Areas of installations include ETC System, ATC System, Automated Parking System, Elevated Highway System Highway System, Digital Highway system, Tunnel monitoring, Auto-route Monitoring, Bus Transport Stations etc.
Energy Efficient Smart Building Management
Ethernet Direct cooperate with the top players in Building Automation. Our industrial switches are installed in prestigious architectures from Luxury Condominiums, Smart Homes, Corporate Headquarters, State & Government Buildings, Prestigious Hotels & Commercial Complex, Universities & Campuses, Hospitals & Medical Centers and more.
Rugged Solution For Mission-Critical Defense Applications
Power, Substation and Smart Grid are mission critical applications. A reliable network infrastructure is required to ensure network integrity and Ethernet Direct is a primary choice. Learn why we are the standardized industrial switch in many prestigious Smart buildings like the new World Trade Centers in Manhattan, New York and why the top BAM/BAS players choose Ethernet Direct in their projects.
Navigate With a Vibration Tolerant Network System
Marine automation requires vibration & humidity tolerant devices. Ethernet Direct industrial switches are successfully deployed in Harbor Control Systems, Vessels Control System, Naval Automation, Marine Control System, Alarm Control System, Power, Propulsion & Control Systems, Engine Monitoring & Control etc. Find out more.
Enabling Renewable Energy For a Better Planet
Climate changes and global warming are driving increasing renewable energy demands around the world. Ethernet Direct industrial Ethernet devices are adopted in a number of projects like wind farms, hydroelectric stations, waste incineration plants, floating windmill, Solar energy power plants, photovoltaic and more. Click to learn more.
Making Mining Safe With A Reliable PoE Solution
Industrial Power over Ethernet switches and wireless communications devices from Ethernet Direct are inevitable solutions today's mining operations which include Minerals & Ores exploration & extraction, Open Pit Mining, Underground Mining, exploration & extraction, Logistics Operation & Fleet Management & Intelligent Mining Systems
Reliable Automation at Your Fingertips 2017
The new Product Selection Guide 2017 from Ethernet Direct. See the versatile solutions we offer for a myriad of industrial applications. Industry certified switches like EN 50155 railway switches, IEC 61850 Smart grid switches, Industrial Power over Ethernet switches (PoE+/PoE++), Industrial Core switches with 10GbE upgradeability and more..
Building A Secured & Scalable IP Surveillance Network
Ethernet Direct has various deployments in the field of homeland security, jail surveillance, city surveillance, building Surveillance, transportation, area & perimeter security, harbor security, power & utilities security, smart home security IoT, infrastructures and more. Our Power over Ethernet solutions has become a future-proof options for safety and surveillance applications
SMART Railway Integration for Safety
Ethernet Direct offers S.M.A.R.T. – smart, manageable, assured & guaranteed Rail and Train Control. We have proven deployments in Railways, Trains, Metro and Subway around the world. Our industrial switches are EN 50155 and EN50121-4 certified to meet today’s network burgeoning demands in terms of robustness, reliability & bandwidth.
Proven Worry-Free Security in Oil & Gas Applications
World-renowned oil and gas have chosen Ethernet Direct in their applications. Oil and gas communications networks are mission critical and exposed to harsh environments. In order to successfully monitor the various processes, our devices are reliable and certified in operate in an environment that is subjected to extreme temperatures, emission, corrosion, and vibration.
GSA Approved To Provide The Best Value & Service to America
From towns, villages and municipalities to cities and states, Ethernet Direct is proud to serve the American and Canadian government businesses. Our track records have proven our commitment and devotion to the country. Reach us to know how we can serve you.
Maximize Manufacturing Productivity Through Automation
The new Manufacturing automation is forecasted by industry research specialists as a growing market segment with a CAGR of at least 11% in the next five years. Ethernet Direct products are installed in many reputable brand names in manufacturing and has helped their systems carry out a n efficient automation systems to maximize productivity and increased consistency of output.