Real-time convergence for Intelligent Transportation

Intelligent transportation systems (ITS) is deployed by Ethernet Direct in many countries with the aim to provide innovative services relating to different modes of transport and traffic management. The system enables transporters to be better informed about road safety as well as better use of transport networks. These are considered part of the Internet of things.

Areas of application:

  • Car navigation such as E-bus & E-fleet
  • Traffic signal control such as variable message signs & speed limits
  • Container management systems
  • Security CCTV systems such as vehicle identification
  • Marking information systems
  • Electronic Toll collection
  • Tunnel monitoring
  • Bridge systems management

Requirements for the application:

  • High bandwidth for real-time data, audio and video integration by using Industrial Core switches as network backbone
  • Full gigabit managed industrial Power over Ethernet switch for IP surveillance system
  • Full gigabit managed Industrial Ethernet switches for central control and local control centers
  • Direct-Ring, Direct-Chain & Join-Ring redundancy technology with less than 10 milliseconds @ 250 switches
  • Rugged enclosures industrial EMI certified switches for outdoor installations to withstand temperature variations
  • Easy to configure and extremely reliable managed switches for many years of non-stop operation
  • NEMA certified industrial devices