Wide Range High Voltage 88 to 370VDC Power Input Certified IEC 61850-3 Industrial Rack Mount Substation Network Switches

California, U.S.A., October 2020 – Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions to enable the smart grid automation.

Utilities communication and Substation automation networks requires certified IEC 61850-3 and IEEE 1613 industrial substation network switches for safety, security, performance and investment proof protection of control solutions and systems. Ethernet Direct is among one of the few vendors providing certified IEC 61850-3 devices with field-proven functionality and hardware and best-in-class solutions to protect your wired communication networks suitable for bay level, station level and communication level.

The Lion Layer 3 switches combine the latest technologies in hardware and software engineering to adapt to harsh industrial environments. Boasting fast-processing speed as an advantage, our switches can achieve network transmission as fast as or close to wired communicating speed for backbone network and edge network in industrial applications. LMG-2448GER10GAT series support industrial automation protocols such as EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP and Optional PROFINET. Furthermore, enhanced software features support a variety of Ethernet functions including RSTP/MSTP/ITU-TG.8032 ERPS/LACP for network redundancy, IEEE 1588 PTP V2, Static Routing, RIP, OSPF and VRRP, IGMP Snooping, VLAN, DHCP, QoS, TACACS+, IEEE 802.1X, HTTPS, SSH, SNMPv3.

Ethernet Direct offers 5 types of redundant power input depending on your substation requirements:

  • Wide high voltage range 88~370VDC or 90~264VAC redundant dual inputs (EMG-2448GEPRI6-AC)
  • 48VDC redundant dual inputs (EMG-2448GEPRI6)
  • 24VDC redundant dual inputs (EMG-2448GEPRI6-24)
  • 1 x 48VDC + 1 x 90~264VAC or 88~370VDC redundant dual inputs (EMG-2448GEPRI6-AD)
  • 1 x 24VDC + 1 x 90~264VAC or 88~370VDC redundant dual inputs (EMG-2448GEPRI6-AD24)

Ethernet Direct has been a trusted choice for Engineering Procurement Construction Integrators in the Power and Utilities sectors with actual project deployment around the world. All products are engineered using “Made in the USA” chipset and components. We guarantee specifications by providing true robust devices built to last for mission critical applications. Our advanced software technologies such as IEEE 1588 PTP v2, ITU-T G.8032 / ERPS, cyber security features such as RADIUS, TACACS+, HTTP/HTTPS, SSL, SSH v2 etc., others include LLDP, VLAN Q-in-Q, network traffic data collection and more, are available without any compromise or added costs. Industrial profiles such as EtherNet IP, Modbus TCP and PROFINET (optional) are also supported.

True substation switch from Ethernet Direct are CERTIFIED IEC 61850-3 & IEEE 1613, not just compliant. Substation environment are subjected to higher credentials than normal industrial environments such as,

  • Electric fields
  • Magnetic fields
  • Electrostatic Discharge
  • Conducted High Frequency Electrical Transients
  • High Energy Power Surges
  • Ground Potential rise during ground faults
  • Climactic variation in temperature & humidity
  • Seismic / Vibration
  • Pollution such as dust, metallic particles, condensation, solar radiation etc.

Remarkable Features of Our Certified Substation Switches

  • Transmission protocols used can run over high speed TCP/IP networks to ensure fast response time needed for protective relays
  • Substation retrofit by enabling legacy devices to connect with modern network digitization
  • Advanced VLAN technology to enable trunk traffic reduction and traffic filtering to improve operational performance
  • Fan less design, Noiseless design
  • Supports industrial automation protocols EtherNet/IP, Modbus TCP & optional PROFINET

Ethernet Direct IEC 61850 devices ensure the highest interoperability to offer grid operators and owners with highest efficiency and increased productivity. Our future proof solution enables the modern grid digitalization.

To learn more about the Ethernet Direct Substation Automation Network solutions, please e-mail sales@ethernetdirect-tw.com