Ethernet Direct Provides SMART Railway Integration Using EN 50155 Certified Railway Switches

California, U.S.A., August 2017 – Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions recently delivers a complete portfolio of EN 50155 and EN 50121-4 certified railway switches especially designed for rolling stock, subways, metro and moving machine applications to secure transmission in transportation automation.

Ethernet Direct launches S.M.A.R.T. – Smart, Managed, Assured, Reliable, Train Control. We are committed to deliver innovative technologies and reliable solutions high longevity for the railway industry which involves a huge amount of capital investments. All products are certified to UL60950-1 safety standards, railway traffic EN50121-4, EN50155 and EN61000-6-2 & EN61000-6-4 standards able to tolerate extreme shock & vibration covered by IEC 61373. These products are designed using “Made in the U.S.A.” chipsets to offer scalable investment proof solutions, with time-tested long product life, within the budget product costs, flexible product design to tailor different application needs. The switches are designed using M12 connectors and IP67 rated to ensure water tight, robust connections and to guarantee reliable connections against environmental disturbances, such as vibration and shock. In addition, the EN50155 compliance covers power input voltage, surge, EFT, ESD, vibration and shock. With wide operating temperatures of -40 to 80 deg °C and redundant wide range power input (12/24/48VDC), Ethernet Direct industrial switches provide uninterrupted and stable services for railway projects.

Certified by EN50155 railway standards, Ethernet Direct products can be widely deployed in many applications not limited to Ethernet Train Backbone, Onboard CCTV, Passenger Information System, Communication-based Train Control, Train Communication networks, Automatic train operation, Wayside Condition monitoring, Wayside DCS, Condition Monitoring for Turnouts and more. Managed industrial Ethernet switches are required in railway applications and railway operators require easy operating devices. One distinctive feature supported by the Ethernet Direct EN50155 switch is the auto bypass function in the event of sudden power loss, particularly in daisy chain or linear topology networks. When power failure occurs in one of the switches on a train, the bypass relay function can activate automatically bypassing the internal circuits and maintaining link between neighboring equipment. With this function, secured data transmission from terminals to backb one and higher network availability can be 100% guaranteed.

Ethernet Direct offers versatile switches enabling high network availability in Railway Communication.

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