Resilient Solution for Railway Trackside Applications

California, U.S.A., April 2018 – Ethernet Direct Corporation, a professional and primary provider of industrial networking and communication solutions discuss how we enable a resilient solution for railway trackside applications.

With over a decade of proven solutions and experience in industrial communications and Ethernet technologies, Ethernet Direct provides a portfolio of products for both rail trackside and on-board rolling stock designed to meet the harshest environments and are EN50155 and EN50121-4 certified products. In a rail trackside installation, data communication network must meet high availability and able to withstand tough environmental conditions. Ethernet Direct EN50155 railway switches and industrial PoE devices enable reliable performance under extreme temperatures found in wayside equipment cabinets. Our switches have a very high MTBF for many years of non-stop operations at a low cost of ownership. Ethernet Direct robust devices are ideal for video surveillance applications, safety systems such as interlocking, signaling systems, train detection systems and other wayside installations for faultless network coordination.

Railway networks across the world are becoming increasingly busy and rail systems such as IP CCTV, signalling, power distribution and general data transfer use a high reliability redundant LAN topology based on an Ethernet backbone. In order build such a LAN, railway certified industrial Ethernet devices are installed at regular intervals into trackside enclosures, buildings and substations that can stretch for tens of kilometers along the trackside. One notable application to share is using Ethernet network in railway track side is made easy by installing industrial Ethernet switches capable of operating at wide temperature with robust industrial design for outdoor installations. The remarkable features of the Ethernet Direct industrial Power of Ethernet Switches and industrial Gigabit high power PoE/PoE+ injector is its wide temperature support, wide range redundant power input and true certified EN50121-4 trackside standard to ensure safety and reliability in critical outdoor infrastructures.

For reliable and high resilient network solutions, Ethernet Direct offers a complete portfolio of railway certified devices from Train to Trackside or Trackside to WAN installations engineered based on the most advanced train specific protocols and network technologies. We offer versatile solutions for a myriad of rail applications. Ethernet Direct empowers integrated train communication networks, from head to tail, from train to rail.



  • Wide range of certified EN50155 and EN50121-4 for rolling stock & trackside
  • Integrated IP railway solution for Train Communication networks
  • IEC 61375 TTDP & TRDP standards for Ethernet Train Backbone networks
  • IP67 rated EN50155 rail switches from 8/10/16/26 port density with PoE
  • Low cost of ownership solution for TCN, CBTN, EBTN, POS, Signaling, Wayside, Trackside
  • Reliable and advanced software features for Train specific protocols & multiple levels of redundancy
  • Integrated solutions with end-to-end customer support on projects

Ethernet Direct is committed to deliver innovative technologies & reliable solutions high longevity for the railway industry.

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